We Build Winners

Financial Freedom Fund


AmeriTrend Financial offers qualified clients an aggressive way to grow their investments in the crypto market. This aggressive swing trading fund trades the momentums of the crypto markets to successfully lock in large profits. The Financial Freedom Fund is managed and personally traded by CEO/Fund Manager Daniel Ryan.

ICO & Token Advisory


AmeriTrend Financial successfully launched FNTC Sports which is the world's first universal Fantasy Sports Crypto, Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] and is in the process of launching the world's first Blockchain Fantasy Sports App. AmeriTrend offers cryptoneurs full service consulting and advisory on their project from development to ICO Launch. 

Startup Business Consulting


AmeriTrend offers clients the ability to invest into start ups and current growing companies. Our team of advisors help individuals and companies find the capital they need when starting their new business. AmeriTrend Financial helps companies bring their idea to life by raising the capital needed to build their company. Our clients are always looking for the next big idea. Work with a team of successful entrepreneurs that understands what it takes to raise capital to bring your idea to life.

Market Training & Portfolio Reviews


AmeriTrend offers crypto enthusiast the ability to learn everything they want to know about the crypto markets from verified experts. As of the moment current classes are lead by CEO/Fund Manager Daniel Ryan and each class is custom fit to the investors wants. Meaning we focus on meeting your personal goals in the market and gear each class to only teach you want you want to learn without confusing the investor with extra information they aren't interested in. These classes help investors to learn about individual cryptos, charts, how to avoid pumps and FOMO as well as help in creating a financial plan to grow their investment.

Want to see if you have a winning portfolio? AmeriTrend Financial charges $100 for a full Portfolio Review & Report.

Short Term Financing


AmeriTrend Financial now offers short term lending for verified clients. Financing options include $500 - $2,500 for a 30 day lending period. All applicants must have proof of employment and proof of income. 

No Credit Checks/No Collateral


Proof of Employment 

Proof of Income

Lending Options:

30 Day Financing

Flat Lending Fee

All applicants are carefully vetted and verified. Approval is not guaranteed and only limited financing options are available. Short Term Financing is based on availability.

Business Development


AmeriTrend Financial offers Business Development Consultants to assist your business in growth, revenue loss analysis, team coaching and training as well as assists failing concepts in turning around their business. Our team of experts are experienced in dealing with restaurants, sales companies, financial firms and more. Our team of experts can help develop a plan of attack to achieve your business goals as well as be able to assist you in finding the weaknesses in your company. 

Work with a team of successful entrepreneurs that understand what it takes to achieve your growth and revenue goals.