AmeriTrend Financial

AmeriTrend Financial is an Exclusive Private Client Investment Firm offering clients the ability to invest in an extremely aggressive investment fund that shows high profits according to a proven track record. Founded by Fund Manager Daniel Ryan, AmeriTrend Financial became extremely popular when Daniel successfully swing traded that stock market from August 2016 to December 2017 and locked in an impressive 795% profit return. This fund was originally called the Swing Trading Fund and has since been renamed The Financial Freedom Fund.

Daniel first started his investment career trading precious metals and working with some of the biggest names in the industry before moving to work with other investment firms including investment advisory firms and private placement. Daniel learned from some big names form Wall St that are well know in the investment world and eventually formed a strong enough reputation in the investment world to step out on his own and start his own firm, this was the birth of AmeriTrend Financial in 2016.

Daniel Ryan is well know in the crypto world for starting one of the first Bitcoin Investment Firms in 2010 called Global Bitcoin Management partnering with a major exchange working with a friend. As an early investor of Bitcoin Daniel truly understands the crypto market, vision and trends. Daniel successfully called a crash in Bitcoin numerous times including the most recent crash early 2018. He has been featured in Top 10 News Stories on major news tech sites, published investment articles globally and is the founder of the worlds FIRST Quarterly Crypto Ratings Report. Recently Daniel under the AmeriTrend name along side partner company, Hollis Enterprises & Ventures, launched FNTC Sports which is a sports tech company developing the worlds first blockchain fantasy sports app and universal fantasy sports crypto.

Daniel manages the popular Financial Freedom Fund for AmeriTrend clients. The Financial Freedom Fund offers qualified clients an aggressive way to invest into the stock market and crypto markets profiting off the momentum in the market. The goal of this fund is to help clients increase their net worth and achieve financial freedom. With Daniel starting his career as a Precious Metals Broker and his great understanding of charts this allows him to show his clients profits no matter what the market conditions are. Daniel is know for being able to make money in a down market and a bull market, successfully swing trading the momentum of the markets. This fund primarily swing trades both the crypto and stock markets to lock in large profits each year. This fund hedges our portfolio by investing into different stocks and cryptos, some long term holds formed around majority short term swing trades. Qualified clients are able to take advantage of the massive gains in the market without having to worry about market research, stressing about volatility or wondering if they made the right picks. Our Fund Managers do all the work for you and work aggressively to grow your investment account to help you achieve financial freedom. 

The Financial Freedom Fund is a Performance Based Fee Program which means our firm only gets paid when we make our clients NEW profits. If our clients are not making money we are not getting paid. We strongly believe investors should not pay money managers to lose them money.

The Financial Freedom Fund is currently limited to a capped number of investors and only available to exclusive qualified clients. There is a minimum initial investment and AmeriTrend Financial client's pay some of the HIGHEST fees in the industry to see some of the HIGHEST profits in the industry.