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Short Term Financing


AmeriTrend Financial now offers short term lending for verified clients. Financing options include $500 - $2,500 for a 30 day lending period. All applicants must have proof of employment and proof of income. 

No Credit Checks/No Collateral


Proof of Employment 

Proof of Income

Lending Options:

30 Day Financing

Flat Lending Fee

All applicants are carefully vetted and verified. Approval is not guaranteed and only limited financing options are available. Short Term Financing is based on availability.


Financial Freedom Fund


AmeriTrend Financial offers exclusive clients the ability to invest into our aggressive and popular Financial Freedom Fund. This fund documented 795% in profits from August 2016 to December 2017. This is an aggressive swing trading fund that invest into the crypto and stock markets aggressively trading the momentum in the market. 

The Financial Freedom Fund is managed by popular Fund Manager Daniel Ryan who has been featured in Top 10 News Stories of the Week on major tech news sites and is the Founder of numerous crypto concepts including FNTC Sports and FNTC Fantasy. FNTC Sports is a Sports Tech Company that is in the process of developing the worlds first Blockchain Fantasy Sports App as well the worlds first universal Fantasy Sports Crypto. 

Daniel continues to successfully assist entrepreneurs launch their concepts and develop their brands bringing them to the next level in business.

Cryptocurrency & Market Training


Fund Manager Daniel Ryan first invested into Bitcoin in 2010 and founded one of the first online Bitcoin Investment Firms called Global Bitcoin Management, successfully partnering with one of the first major exchanges along side a friend of his. Daniel has successfully called numerous rallies and crashes in the crypto market and successfully helps investors at all levels to position their crypto portfolios for the best opportunity for success. Each private session focuses directly on your goals and wants in the crypto market and is tailor fit to your investment needs and goals. We teach you what you want to know and answer all your questions as well as help you find the next big break out crypto!

Are you interested in learning more about the crypto markets? Schedule a meeting with one of our Crypto Experts to see if AmeriTrend Financial would be a good fit to help you meet your Crypto goals.


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